Breathing Technique To Last Longer In Bed

In this article, you’re going to learn breathing techniques which will make you last longer in bed.


Breathing is what regulates how calm or how tense we are. It also controls how quickly we ejaculate during sex. In men, it is something you can become angry about really quickly. Join me in the short story. You’re at the grocery store waiting in line for 20 minutes because the cashiers are old and slow. It’s been an orderly line until someone cut in line and they cut right in front of you. You think to yourself: “What the hell is this guy doing? I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes in this line.” You tell him “hey man go to back to the line; I’ve been waiting for minutes.” He says: “So,I don’t give a damn.” Now you’re getting angrier, and your breathing increases faster and becomes more shallow.

The reason your breathing becomes more shallow and faster is because your body is getting ready to act at a moments notice. Think about when you’re running. The long deep breath will make you able to run for miles, or short breath will make you run out of energy faster. Well, that’s good in the short term to breed short rest, in the long term it has devastating effects on how long you can act or move. The same happens to us during sex. Usually, our breathing becomes more shallow and heavy because of all the thrusting, the passion; the lovemaking excites us.


We are ready on a moments notice. We also become ready to ejaculate on a moment’s notice, and that may seem counterintuitive. Counterintuitive is where something might seem better in the short-term but in the long-term it might be the opposite. Counterintuitively is like working out at the gym. It hurts in the short term, so we don’t want to do it but in the long term it feels great to be healthy and strong and it stops hurting over time.

This quick shallow breathing is counter-intuitive now more than it was thousands of years ago. Personally, I think sex was used for reproduction only in the cavemen years, so it was generally in a man’s best interest to ejaculate as fast as possible because it feels good and to make babies. Shorter breaths and shallower allowed men to ejaculate as fast as possible. Who knows when the next saber-toothed tiger would attack.

Now we’re using sex more and more in the current time for enjoyment and pleasure, and this is where the shallow faster breathing works against the man. Now to cure this problem that isn’t as simple as just taking long deep breaths during sex. Well. Actually, it is though it will take a little more work. What you need to do is a start breathing through your belly. Right now many of us are holding in our stomachs and breathing through our chest. This is completely wrong.

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