Natural Treatment Of Sexual Dysfunction


The issue of homeopathic treatments, the issue of looking at natural foods and vitamin supplements is really a huge deal right now. We are seeing more and more patients coming into our offices asking about those particular concerns. People want natural treatments. There is a sense that natural treatments are not dangerous or free of side effects which are not the case. I think that people’s frustration over insurance issues, the expensive medicine, the hassle factor in going to the doctor, in really fear what Washington is going to be doing to both patient and physicians as far as their freedom in treating and gaining treatment has fueled this increased interest.

We know that based on the four categories of sexual dysfunction: testosterone concerns, vascular issues, psychiatric issues or psychological issues, neurologic issues – we can look at vitamins, we can look at supplements, we can look at certain foods, that are rich in the building blocks that our body needs to offer improvement of sexual function.

We are really talking about vitamins that may have a hormonal impact, vitamins that may improve blood flow or foods that could improve blood flow. We know that there is a lot of information on the Internet about certain foods that may be aphrodisiacs, oysters for instance that are rich in Zinc. Zinc is the a great mineral that when used at appropriate doses could in theory actually improve testosterone levels.


We know that certain amino acids and antioxidants that are in high levels in certain fruits like pomegranates, dates, figs, avocados  – all these foods are rich in antioxidants and amino acids.  They help improve the vascular flow, help dilate vessels. In theory, the antioxidants can help clear our vessels of plaque

And cholesterol levels that may cause obstruction and improve blood flow. So in theory, there is a lot of value in looking at healthy diet, non-fat diet or a low-fat diet; foods that enhance amino acids that promote blood flow, foods that are rich in certain minerals and vitamins like zinc, that could potentially improve the levels of testosterone to afford some improvement of sexual function naturally.

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