Pills For Penis Enlargement

There are numerous proposals of penis enlargement medications. Let’s look at them closer to understan which of them are effective, and which are useless.

Hormonal treatments


Such drugs are taken only by prescription. These medicines can grow your penis only if it is underdeveloped due to hormone deficiency in childhood. It is a rare case. You should not think that it will work in your case. In general, these drugs are destroying not only the liver but also the hormonal system, replacing natural testosterone and stopping its production.



Supplements can create good conditions for penis growth although not cause growth themselves. The best proven dietary supplements are ones that contain amino acids – the building blocks of protein molecules. Special supplements are containing the amino acid L-arginine, you can buy on the Internet.

Arginine is an essential amino acid, it accelerates protein synthesis in the tissue, causes the release of growth hormone. Products containing Arginine are very useful for the growth of tissues while you are exercising with penis extender or for those who are engaged in bodybuilding.

Penis vacuum pumps


Pumps advertised as a member enlargers, but they are not intended for this. Pumps can create elevated levels of erection, thus, penis seems larger, but they do not to increase it. They cannot enlarge the penis because of two reasons:

  1. Time of application. You use a penis pump maximum 20 minutes a day, so the effectiveness of these activities is very small. Prolonged exposure in a vacuum is harmful, a member swells, the skin darkens.
  2. Limited pressure. For the penis growth, you need a rather profound pressure on penis tissue.  This means that you need to create a very high vacuum, which causes damage to the skin in a few minutes.

Hydro pumps


A Bathmate hydro pump doesn’t have the drawbacks of the air pump, as the working fluid in it is water, not air. As we know, water is virtually incompressible, it stretches the penile tissue and does not cause injuries characteristic of vacuum pumps. Another huge plus  – you use warm water that heats the tissue, making them more flexible and receptive to stretching.

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